Personal Training

Most fitness facilities and trainers have a philosophy of training.

Donna’s is simple:

Honor your body & strive for the same balance in your exercise program as you do with your diet and your life.

In order for Donna to put together a fitness program that is going to benefit you and that you will be able to stick with – she needs to know who you are. A busy at-home mother with small children underfoot during all waking hours? A stressed out professional who leaves at wee hours of the morning and doesn’t return until dark? An out- of- shape and deconditioned individual who recently experienced a major health event and knows that now is the time to get back on track?

Whoever you are, whatever level of fitness you are at – – there is a program for you that will get you on the path to wellness.

Donna has over 30 years experience working in group and individual instruction.

NEW CLIENTS: Before beginning to work with a new client, she conducts a  Comprehensive Fitness Assessment that enables her to put together a customized exercise program based on fitness level and lifestyle. As a busy, working mother & wife, herself, she knows what it’s like to juggle family, work and play. In addition all new personal training clients are required to fill out the Fitness Evaluation, Food Diary & Goals sheet found at the bottom of this page. Please fax, scan and e-mail or mail completed documents to Lifestyle Fitness & Nutrition prior to your initial assessment.

Why Strength Train?

According to the National Center for Health Statistics only 21% of all Americans strength train 2 or more times a week even though we know the following:

  • Doing resistance type exercise two times a week can reduce overall body fat by 3% in just 10 weeks;
  • A higher percentage of lean muscle mass helps maintain weight loss;
  • Strength training enhances the overall quality of your life – chores are easier, lifting kids/grandkids, carrying groceries , doing laundry – it’s all easier;
  • Reduces risk of injury, back pain & osteoarthritis;
  • Reduces your risk of heart disease: lowers LDL, increases HDL & lowers blood pressure;
  • Reduces your risk of diabetes;
  • Is a woman’s best defense against osteoporosis;
  • And it looks GREAT on you!

Power Plate Training

Lifestyle Fitness & Nutrition is pleased to announce that we now offer Power Plate Training!

One of the most advanced, effective and efficient forms of exercise available today.  Power Plate machines use the principles of Acceleration Training™ to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration. These vibrations transmit waves of energy throughout the body, activating muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second.


"The Power Plate changed my life.  I couldn't walk two blocks and now I can walk two miles! Using the Power Plate I have increased  strength and stamina .  At seventy-one that's not easy to do!  Love it."


"The first time I tried the Power plate, I fell  in love with it! I got a full full body workout  in 1/2 the time, (awesome), and I felt  energized and fit. In a short time, I started to build muscle and my stamina was back!"


Fee Schedule

Fitness Assessment  |  $125.00

This 1 ½ hour session is designed to determine your cardiovascular & physical strength before developing an individualized workout program. Includes Cardiovascular test, strength testing, flexibility assessment, blood pressure test & body composition baseline. Participant receives recommendations for personalized workout based on assessment results, lifestyle & objectives.

Program Set-ups  |  $75.00

This session is primarily the “how to” follow-up to the Fitness Assessment. Following the assessment, you will get workout recommendations – in a Set-up session, you will actually walk through an entire workout with particular attention placed on form and technique.

One-on-One Training  |  $75/session

Following a comprehensive Fitness Assessment & Program Set-up, many individuals choose to come for scheduled weekly/bi-weekly workouts. These one-on-one sessions incorporate your strengths, weaknesses and time constraints as well as likes & dislikes. Sessions are typically between 60 and 75 minutes. **SESSIONS CONDUCTED AT ANOTHER LOCATION OTHER THAN MY GYM –$85 session.

Power Plate Instruction  |  $75/hour and $37.50 for 30 minutes

One-time Program Set-ups in your Home Gym  |  $125.00

Specialty Training Programs  |  $35/hour

Trainer will design exercise program for individual who travels frequently, works out at on specific equipment at home, has special needs/limitations etc. Note: This fee includes the drafting of the program only.