Bio-Electro Magnetic Energy Regulator Sessions

**Proven to complement traditional medicine and naturopathic therapies

The pulsating electromagnetic field of this patented technology supports the body’s natural and self-regulating healing mechanisms and immune function. 

  • 29% Improved blood flow. More capillaries are open to carry blood

  • 29% Improved oxygen extraction

  • 31% Increased back flow

  • 29% increase in ATP production, the energy component of the cell

  • Improved removal of body poisons and toxins

  • Improves red blood properties by separating the red blood cells that tend to stick together

  • Improves individual cell metabolism

  • Improves elasticity of blood vessels

  • Increases bone density

  • Stimulation of nerve impulse transmission

  • Stimulates Nitrous Oxide mechanism which acts as a vasodilator


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In- Office Session Packages

10 Sessions   |   $200.00