One on One Kitchen Instruction

Did you grow up in a family that didn’t put much emphasis on meal preparation? Did everything come out of a bag, package or can? Do you wish you had the ability to whip up healthy meals for your family that don’t take hours and dirty every bowl and pan in your kitchen? Call today to schedule your One-on-one Kitchen Session with Donna. Learn how to roast vegetables, rice cauliflower, make egg muffins and roast a whole chicken in your crock pot or create your own individualized menu plan that you’d like to create.  Donna will join you in your kitchen for  hands on, one on one instructions and leave your kitchen stocked full of healthy meal options. And better yet – you will be left  with new skills that will benefit you for a lifetime!


 One-on-One Kitchen Instruction  |  $85.00

2 Hour Cooking Session; Can also be combined with completing a 10 meal freezer workshop at no additional fee except for the cost of your Wildtree products

**This makes a great wedding/birthday/Christmas gift

Learn How to Rice Cauliflower in Donna's Video

Instructional Cooking Photo Gallery