Nutritional Counseling

What is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist?

A Certified Clinical Nutritionist, CCN, is a highly qualified nutritional professional with a 4-year bachelor's degree and a 900-hour internship, a 56-hour post-graduate intensive study in clinical nutrition or a master's degree in human nutrition from the University of Bridgeport or Bastyr University and must pass the national board exam issued by the Clincial Nutrition Certification Board. The CCN focuses on how foods are digested, absorbed, and assimilated, and ultimately how food affects the body biochemically. Among the many aspects of nutrition research considered within this context are by-products of digestion, gastrointestinal health, neurotransmitter response, immune function, metabolic shifts and balance, allergic or sensitivity reactions, and systems and pathways of detoxification. The CCN's approach to diet structure is developed according to what is best for the individual-not necessarily what is a standard recommendation for the general public at large, or for all people experiencing a particular health concern. Rather than strictly advocating a pyramid or food-group-style diet, the CCN will determine the healthiest and most effective program for the individual according to the latest nutrition research and the unique biochemical make-up of the individual.

"Donna Hetrick has been an absolute quintessential medical resource for me. She is extremely knowledgeable with blood chemistry (including blood work results and requirements of specific blood types - which many people often overlook), interpreting genetic testing results (including how to work with specific genetic mutations), diet and exercise."


Fee Schedule

Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation & Blood Chemistry Analysis  |  $200.00

NOTE NEW PATIENTS: You are required to fill out the Individual Health Profile Questionnaire & Metabolic Profile located at the bottom of this page  prior to scheduling your first consultation .In addition,  you need to provide recent blood work or laboratory tests , to include but not limited to a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel &  CBC, taken within 120 days of consultation.  Please fax, scan and e-mail or mail your completed forms to Lifestyle Fitness & Nutrition -- you will then be contacted to schedule your consultation. During your consultation you will receive:

  • Full analysis of Blood Chemistry. There are six Subclinical Defects that tend to appear BEFORE the traditional disease “labels” surface. These markers represent the “balance markers” that the body uses to maintain its own health:

 Those six defects are:

  • pH Balance (Acid/Alkaline levels of the body)

  • Anaerobic Metabolism (A feature of degenerative disease processes)

  • Free Calcium Excess (A result of acid stress that leads to a variety of health problems and may indicate chronic inflammation)

  • Chronic Inflammation (Inflammation represents the body’s attempt to repair itself, fight infections, fight cancer and rid itself of allergens – when it is not successful and can’t get turned off – the result is chronic inflammation)

  • Connective Tissue Breakdown (Gradual breakdown of tissue accounts for a wide range of chronic disease conditions in people of all ages. Those that are most apparent are hernias, bleeding gums, weakened periodontal ligaments & loose teeth, a weak back, an enlarged heart, poor lung function, arthritic joints, premature facial lines and varicose veins.

  • Oxidative Stress (Occurs whenever there is an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the body’s ability to neutralize the free radicals.)

Your chemistry profile gives a snapshot in time of what is going on in your body at the precise time of the draw. It “talks” to us and tells us how the body is responding to stressors, toxins, how it is utilizing supplements & nutrients, if it has stored toxins, if there is inflammation present, if your immune system is compromised and if you are getting/absorbing the nutrients you need. It reads like a road map of what’s going on inside your body and it is amazingly accurate.

  • Personalized & individualized recommendations regarding how to eat to achieve and maintain optimal health & chemical balance;

  • Recommendations regarding what supplements may be beneficial to offset nutritional deficiencies as well as medicine induced insufficiencies and side effects;

  • Recommendations for natural and alternative means of managing current symptoms that boost and support the body’s immune function and don’t have negative side effects;

  • Cleansing & detoxification recommendations as needed.


Follow Up Nutrition Sessions  |  $75.00

Following the initial nutrition session, many individuals benefit from ongoing assistance or “touching base” regarding different phases of their program. These sessions typically last 45 minutes to 1 hour and can be conducted in person or over the telephone at a pre-arranged time.

"I suffer from a rare genetic disorder called Wilson’s Disease. It affects the liver’s ability to metabolize copper and as a result, if untreated, copper accumulates to toxic levels in the body. After my first consultation, it was extremely apparent that her knowledge and experience greatly exceeded what I’ve been exposed to from a nutrition standpoint in that time in my life. If there was a PhD for nutrition Mrs. Hetrick would probably write the course. Her knowledge of the bodies nutritional needs, of the chemical processes, of natural supplements, and of countless medical condition far exceeded my expectations.

She has been one of the foremost members of my team that has helped me overcome my disease."


 Health Coaching Support  |  $65.00/hr

Making significant lifestyle changes can be difficult and having a "partner" to navigate these new ways of doing things can not only be helpful but critical to your success. Individuals who would like continued guidance beyond the Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation can sign up for Health Coaching Support by paying a $65/hour retainer. All correspondences/e-mails/text messages/telephone conversations are logged toward this payment. When 1  hour has been reached - you have the option to continue or discontinue health coaching support. This is a very affordable way to receive continued support as you transition to a healthier and/or different lifestyle. Click here to purchase 

"Donna truly is an inspiration and has been an incredible blessing in my life.  Not only did Donna help me dramatically reduce my thyroid levels  to a healthy level "naturally using diet" following an MD recommendation for lifetime medication --  she helped me revamp my way of eating and showed me how cooking healthy could be fun."


23 & Me Evaluation  |  $200.00

Many clients are now taking advantage of the 23 & Me genetic testing available to the public. This test available at  provides  60+ personalized genetic reports on your health, traits and ancestry and gives us additional information regarding the management of  multiple genes working together to cause complex health issues. During this session – your 23 & Me test results are evaluated in conjunction with your existing health symptoms, conditions and illnesses with regards to your lifestyle choices. The more information we have, the more individualized the recommendations can be & the more we can understand our own biological and cellular uniqueness. This evaluation is typically conducted following a Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation & Blood Chemistry Analysis. The presentation of this information can be split into two 1 hour sessions based on the preference of the client. 

"I love working with Donna Hetrick. She is super knowledgeable and easy to work with. She has been very helpful to me in my pursuit of better nutrition, digestive health, wholistic health care, including women’s health. I have worked with her via the phone, internet and email. "


REFRESHER Session  |  $100.00

This is for the inactive client who at one point went through the Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation & Blood Chemistry Analysis  and is now returning with a new or unresolved  health issue.

Diabetic Self Management Seminar  | $20.00

You have been diagnosed with Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, Insulin Resistance,  PCOS or have found it impossible to lose weight -- so what next? This seminar has the answers!  You will be instructed and motivated by Certified Clinical Nutritionist & Fitness Trainer, Donna Hetrick, who has been helping people  manage their health for over 25 years. Donna is also a Certified Blood Chemistry Analyst which enables her to help others achieve nutritional balance and manage blood sugar levels with healthy lifestyle choices.

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