Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshops

Let’s face it – with everything else most of us are juggling on a daily basis – even with the best of intentions - dinner time tends to get pushed off to the side until hungry tummies demand “What’s for dinner?” Did you know that 75% of all Americans have NO IDEA what they are preparing for dinner on any given day at 4 p.m.?  Think about what a stress reliever it is to have a plan for dinner before you ever walk out the door in the morning? Nirvana? Nope…Wildtree Freezer Meals!!

As a nutritionist and Wildtree representative – I provide dozens of menu options that allow you to prep meals AHEAD OF TIME to put in your freezer and pull out later at times when you don’t even have time to ‘think’ about dinner, let alone prepare it!

And it’s affordable!  Based on the cost of the Wildtree products and your groceries you will be spending a reasonable $14-16/per meal or $3.50 – 4.00 per person for a healthy, balanced &  preservative  free meal. Let’s be honest – you can’t even eat at Chick Filet for that !!

I hold Freezer Meal Workshops each month OR if it works better for you - you can pick a menu plan and complete a workshop on your own any time you’d like. Upon purchase of the product bundle you will receive the grocery list, prep instructions, recipes and bag labels for your selected menu plan. Do you prefer fresh prepping? You can fresh prep all recipes included in my Freezer Meal Workshops as well.

The cost of the Wildtree Bundle of products needed to create each menu plan does not include groceries. Taxes & shipping are included in the total.

Special Dietary needs or following a particular lifestyle? No problem!  I offer menu plans for  Paleo, low carb, diabetics, Low FODMAP,  Autoimmune Protocol, Grill, Crockpot, Salads,  Kid Friendly, Vegetarians,  Vegan, Flexitarians, Onion-Free, Onion & Garlic Free & Low Sodium – don’t see what you need? Just ask!

Watch this fun YouTube video to see what it’s all about:

Freezer Meal Workshop Photo Gallery